Holographic Display Use Model

Switchable Bragg Grating Labs (SBG Labs)

Located in Silicon Valley, California, with worldwide distribution and support, SBG Labs Inc. is a leader in the development of state-of-the-art electro-holographic materials and devices for use in flat panel displays, scanners and opto-electronic devices.

Since our founding in 2003, our mission has been to provide these innovations to manufacturers for their use in commercializing next generations of their products.

The company does not serve consumers directly but instead operates a B2B model and has established specific business areas to serve these markets.

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DigiLens® Electro-Optical Materials
Complementing our proprietary DigiLens® technology, SBG Labs has developed and sells high-performance proprietary nanocomposite (multiphase solid material having dimensions typically less than 100 nanometers) electro-optical materials for use in making DigiLens® based displays, imaging and module based products.

DigiLens® Development Services
Our team of highly-talented scientists and engineers provide a range of customized technology evaluation and development services for our manufacturing clients, including U.S. Government agencies.

DigiLens® Technology Transfer Services
We also provide an array of transfer services, include on-site training, to facilitate the smooth adoption of our technologies and materials by our manufacturing partners.